Precision Machining

CNC Milling

Let our 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC milling proficiencies take your products to new heights. Our wide range of capabilities and advanced machinery enables us to bring your ideas to life with the utmost finesse. From intricate designs to elaborate parts, we have the tools and expertise to turn your vision into reality.
  • HAAS VR-11 (15K Spindle, 5th Axis Head, 120”X / 40”Y / 30”Z)
  • HAAS VF-5TR (10K Spindle, 26” Travel Y-Axis, 4th Axis/ 5th Axis)
  • HAAS VF-5 (10K Spindle, 26” Travel Y-Axis, 4th Axis/ 5th Axis)
  • Hardinge V480 APC w/ Integral Pallet Changer (12K Spindle, 4th Axis)
  • Akira-Seiki V2.5A-XP (12K
  • Spindle, 4th Axis) NEW2019
  • Samsung MCV 400 (12K Spindle)
  • HAAS Super Mini Mill (15K Spindle, 4th Axis)
  • HAAS VF-1
  • HAAS VF-2 (4th Axis)
  • HAAS VF-OE (4th Axis)
  • DOOSAN DVC500 W/ Integral Pallet Changer (10K Spindle)
  • Super Max Max-1 Rebel
  • HAAS TR210 5th Axis Trunnion
  • HAAS HRT 210 4th Axis Rotary
  • HAAS HA5C 4th Axis Indexer
  • DetronGXA210S 4th Axis Rotary 

CNC Turning

With precise control, automation capabilities, and the ability to work with various materials, these machines offer cost-effective solutions for both small batches and large-scale manufacturing. Our CNC turning centers deliver efficiency, quality, and flexibility for your turning needs.
  • Samsung SL2000 BSY (Sub-Spindle, Y-Axis milling)W/4’ LNS Magazine Barfeed 
  • Samsung SL2500 
  • Doosan Lynx 220L W/ 4’ Magazine Barfeed
  • Takisawa TC-3

CNC SWISS Machining

Our SWISS machines allow us to achieve remarkable precision, even in the most intricate designs. With the ability to effortlessly maneuver along the Z-axis while cutting, we redefine what is possible, helping you push the boundaries of excellence all while keeping tight tolerances up to +/- .0002.
  • STAR SR-32J W 12’LNS Magazine Barfeed
  • STAR SR-20 W/ 12’ LNS Barfeeder