Tube Laser

Tube laser cutting is the future of metal fabrication, reshaping industry precision, speed, and efficiency standards. This advanced technology harnesses powerful and precise lasers to perform many operations—cutting, drilling, tapping, bending, notching, beveling, slotting, piercing, and etching—all within a single, streamlined process. With its fully automated systems, tube laser cutting requires virtually no set-up time, cutting costs and reducing lead times. Outsourcing this specialized capability elevates part accuracy while freeing up in-house resources, redirecting them towards more profitable tasks. Embrace the power of tube laser cutting to transform your manufacturing workflows – and your bottom line.

Meet Our Tube Laser Machines

Our state-of-the-art tube lasers offer unparalleled precision and versatility. Each machine can handle many fabrication needs, from simple cuts to complex geometric shapes. This technology is adept at crafting precise components and features, efficiently converting designs previously reliant on sheet metal or traditional machining into tubular formats for more economical and adaptable manufacturing solutions.

Trumpf TruLaser Tube 3000 Fiber
This machine features a 3KW Fiber Laser and advanced automation features, making it perfect for precision cutting of materials up to .375″ in steel, .25″ in stainless steel and aluminum, and .188″ in copper/brass. Its versatile design accommodates round, rectangular, square, L-shaped, U-shaped flat and many other geometries and extends to drilling, countersinking, and tapping, seamlessly integrating various operations into one efficient process.

Trumpf TruLaser Tube 5000 Fiber
Enhanced with a 3KW Fiber Laser, a beveling head, and tapping capabilities, this machine mirrors the 3000 model’s handling of material thickness while adding the ability to execute beveled edges crucial for weld prep and intricate joints. Its true strength lies in its capacity to produce diverse shapes, including intricate angles, channels, and more complex profiles, broadening the scope of possibilities and showcasing the technology’s adaptability to various design requirements.


Tube laser technology is a game-changer in metal fabrication. It offers many advantages over traditional machining centers, directly impacting your bottom line.

Precision and Quality Tube Laser Cutting delivers high tolerances and burr-free cuts. This ensures a precise component fit without further processing and results in superior assembly quality. The overall higher part accuracy enhances structural strength without adding material weight, making parts lighter without compromising their integrity and functionality.

The Tube Laser’s flexibility in handling all order volumes—from one to thousands—with quick and user-friendly set-ups allow for easy production scaling. This will enable you to efficiently meet market demands and rapidly prototype and test new designs.     

Tube Laser Technology consolidates multiple, traditional operations such as saw cutting, drilling, milling, tapping, slotting and other processes into one, efficient, precise and consistent operation. In outsourcing your traditional tube processing to a tube laser, it enhances your product quality and lowers your cost. It optimizes your available resources, reduces waste and eliminates the need for new and costly equipment. 

Design Flexibility

Tube laser cutting elevates design sophistication, seamlessly integrating complex geometries and nuanced details with minimal cost implications. This flexibility fosters innovation and customization in product design, allowing for unique and tailored solutions that meet specific customer needs and market demands.

How Tube Laser Processing Works

Tube laser processing is a sophisticated and highly automated method that revolutionizes how tubing is cut, shaped, and finished. Here’s a look at each step of our process:

1. Material loading: The process starts with a tube loaded automatically into the machine from a bundle of raw material. Conveyors and robotic arms facilitate this step, handling a wide range of tube sizes and materials, ensuring automatic, seamless and efficient loading.

2. Speed and Cost-Efficient Tube Laser cutting boosts efficiency and reduces costs through a fully automated system by eliminating time-consuming manual setups. Automated loading, self-centering chucks and going directly from part programming to cutting reduces operational errors and expedites production. It offers the overall benefit of quick and cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

3. Programming and design input: The cutting instructions, derived from digital designs or CAD models, are input into the machine’s control system. This programming includes detailed specifications for cuts, holes, notches, and other features, allowing for complex geometries and intricate designs. Advanced software translates these designs into precise laser-cutting paths.

4. Laser cutting: The heart of the process involves a high-powered laser beam directed through optics to focus on the tube’s surface. As the laser moves along the programmed path, it cuts the material, creating clean and precise edges. The laser’s intensity, speed, and focal point are CNC controlled to achieve optimal cutting performance for different materials and thicknesses.

5. Secondary operations: Our tube laser machines are equipped with additional capabilities, such as tapping, beveling, or etching, allowing for secondary operations to be performed in the same setup. This integration further streamlines the fabrication process, reducing the need for additional machines and handling.

6. Quality control and inspection: Throughout the cutting process, integrated sensors and monitoring systems continuously check the accuracy and quality of cuts. This real-time feedback ensures that the final product meets the design specifications, minimizing waste and rework.

7. Unloading and finishing: The finished parts are automatically unloaded from the machine after the cutting and any secondary operations are complete. Depending on the requirements, parts may undergo additional finishing processes, such as cleaning and kitting, within the same system or in separate finishing stations.

This fully automated, highly precise process drastically reduces the potential for human error and ensures consistent, repeatable results across production runs. With our advanced tube laser processing, you can achieve ultra-precision and efficiency, unlocking new productivity levels and innovation.


Tube laser cutting is a versatile and cost-effective solution for a broad spectrum of metal fabrication applications. It’s gaining traction among many sectors, making precision and efficiency available to more companies and budgets than ever before.











While tube laser cutting offers expansive possibilities, it operates most effectively within the following parameters:

Round Tubes

Maximum diameter of 6.75 inches

Square Tubes

Maximum diagonal (corner-to-corner) size of 6.7 inches

Wall Thickness

Handles material up to 0.375 inches thick (mild steel .375 inches, stainless steel .25 inches, aluminum .25 inches, 0.188″ in Copper & Brass).

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Why Choose Us

Our tube laser services blend advanced technology, specialized expertise, and a commitment to delivering value. We offer:

  • Multiple machines: Our dual setup increases our operational capacity and ensures flexibility, allowing us to handle diverse project requirements easily.
  • Rapid sample creation: We prioritize innovation efficiency, offering rapid prototyping services for quick design validation and iteration.
  • Design conversion support: Our team excels in transforming your concepts into practical, laser tube-based solutions, optimizing design for manufacturing right from the start.
  • Material versatility: We process a broad spectrum of metals, adapting to your specific needs and preferences to deliver tailored results.
  • Custom solutions: With our deep industry knowledge, we navigate complex challenges to provide personalized solutions that meet your unique requirements.
  • Advanced software integration: We’ve adopted cutting-edge quoting and ERP software for quick and accurate proposals on our laser tube cutting service.
  • Commitment to innovation: We continuously invest in the latest machining technologies and techniques to advance our capabilities, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry.
  • Fully integrated: As a fully integrated precision machining partner, we have the comprehensive capabilities to offer the precise services you require, all conveniently available in-house.

Experience Tube Laser: The Future of Metal Fabrication

Elevate your manufacturing beyond traditional limitations and embrace a new era of increased productivity and profitability with tube laser cutting. This innovative method promises to transform your processes, offering streamlined operations and expanded design opportunities. Reach out to discover the full potential of outsourcing tube laser cutting with our complimentary samples or arrange a personalized design consultation to determine whether tube laser is right for you. Curious to see tube laser technology in action? Tour our Ivyland, PA facility to witness the seamless transition from conventional sheet metal fabrication to advanced tubing solutions.